April 30, 2008

Mid-Week Recommended Reading

Posted in recommended reading at 10:00 am by LB

Recommended articles and blog posts from the week so far…

Seeking Inspiration, a really nice post from Carol @ The Reaction about inspirational people on the net.

“I think life is easier for men” says an MTF transsexual on Postsecret, as written about by Female Impersonator.

Actress Juliet Binoche commenting on European sensibility of beauty vs. American Hollywood via AdFeminem. And this observation from Adfeminem is a brilliant connection:

FHM Magazine published its list of the world’s 100 sexiest women today. The average age of the top ten choices, all Hollywood actresses (could there possibly be a sexier profession?), is 26.

Daisy @ Daisy’s Dead Air has a terrific post about the complexities of race in her Having a Black Name.

The Triple Standard of health care by Deane Waldman @ Huff-Po.

Angry Black Woman On Feminism

Sudy’s post about feminism and racism. (H/T Feminist Allies)

Why does the media insist on using “sex” to describe rape? As in “forced sex with a child”? See Hoyden About Town’s post on this.

Hugo writes about a interesting sounding article I’ll have to get a hold of on self-objectification.

A great post from the Lizard Queen about a woman’s sex work sticks with her identity in media reporting even after she leaves the biz.

The effect of Danica Patrick’s historic win on aspiring girl racers. via feministing

And this is absurd: a pray-in for gas prices, via Pandagon.

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