July 25, 2008

Random Acts of Feminism: belated and borrowed July edition

Posted in Random Acts of Feminism at 3:36 am by LB

I know I never did a Random Act of Feminism for July.  Since it was summer, I thought I could slide by with combining July and August’s Random Act.  That was my plan until I saw this post on Oh, so you’re a FEMINIST? that had some excellent ideas about being an “active” feminist.  So I will borrow her ideas for July’s Random Act of Feminism–take one and try it our!  Feel free to post any “results” here:

  • Call people out for what they say, explain that their words may be hurtful and/or oppressive
  • Write letters
  • Recognize your white/cis/thin/able bodied/hetero/male/etc privilege and explain it to others
  • Support legislation that you believe in
  • Don’t shop at stores with unethical practices (like failing to promote minorities or not allowing workers to unionize… coughwalmartcough…)
  • Stop engaging in “fat talk” or other talk that cuts you (or others) down
  • Take part in everyday life with a critical/feminist lens
  • Educate yourself and others
  • Set an example
  • Don’t laugh at racist/homophobic/sexist/etc jokes
  • Sign petitions for causes you believe in
  • Engage other people in conversations about the importance of the women’s movement
  • Give money to causes you support
  • Start a feminist book club
  • Think before you speak (don’t use oppressive language like “that quiz raped me!” or “that is SO gay” or even “you guys”)
  • Promote and celebrate diversity
  • Support feminist arts
  • Think outside the US to women in other countries
  • Support candidates that promote affordable and accessible birth control


  1. flarecat said,

    What a great list! I was happy to see how many of them I already do (the first one maybe a little too much!); also a little chagrined to notice some that I agree with but don’t do (stop engaging in “fat talk”). It’s great to be reminded of ways to live these ideals. Thanks and keep ’em coming!

  2. lindabeth said,

    Woohoo flarecat, great to see you showed up in comments finally! ;-P

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