December 4, 2008

Proposition 8: The Musical

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From Funny or Die, requires no comment:

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See also my previous post refuting the claim that marriage has been the same since the “dawn of time.”


September 4, 2008

Because sometimes “fake news” coverage is better than the actual news

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Everything I want to say about the hypocrisy around the rhetoric about Palin, and especially the Republicans’ vomit-inducing use of gender rhetoric can be summed up by this brilliant analysis by the “fake news” reporter, Jon Stewart, on the September 3, 2008 The Daily Show:

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In Canada, watch it on clip 2 here.

And in more The Daily Show-induced commentary….typically, I take the position that families and spouses/ partners are “off-limits” with regards to politics. But Stewart, in his interview with Newt Gingrich, makes an excellent point, which I think can help us forge a distinction between personal attacks on Palin’s daughter (i.e. “what an irresponsible slut!”) and dissonances between individual actions and beliefs and political positions. “The personal is political.”

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(Here in Canada)

Isn’t it sad when politicians and pundits seem to get called on their bullshit more often by “fake news” shows than the “real” ones?

July 18, 2008

Awesome Colbert Report clip

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Great clip from The Colbert Report

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July 6, 2008

Fun Fact

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While on the can, my partner read in a housemate’s men’s magazine the following: Only 8% of American women have an “hourglass shape,” defined by having a waist 9 inches smaller than the bust (which, indeed is a wrong definition, as it-at least-neglects that the hips and bust must have the same measurement too, and also I thought it was about ratio, not exact measure, but whatev), but most women’s clothing is designed for an hourglass body.

I snarkily replied: That doesn’t surprise me at all.  They should have added the following: “And in this magazine, 98% of the women either have, or are Photoshopped to have, an hourglass figure, even though only 8% of American women have one.”

I mean, it’s great that they shared this info with their readers in a small box of text, but seriously, they’re just as guilty.  Or even more so: if they can’t find models to “fit’ the ideal, they fit them to it digitally and photographically (oh yes, there’s lots of tricks to alter your appearance that don’t require Photoshop.  Ask any photographer-and btw, I do have a photo degree.)

Maybe my comment would make a good “letter to the editor”?

June 12, 2008

What to wear when you’re a feminist ‘fighting injustice’

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UPDATE: so I see embedding the video didn’t work…blogger was so much easier for this! Anyway, here’s the direct link. Watch it. It rocks.

This was a great clip from last Thursday’s The Daily Show.

Good points about sexism + humor + feminists as superheroes = awesome!

p.s. I want a pair!

April 2, 2008

Another "music video" worth watching

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I feel like I’m on a roll with more positive stuff, and I want to take a minute to say how important it is that we acknowledge media, representation, cultural production that “does good.” For one thing, it’s important for being balanced, and another thing, I tend to get down in the dumps when sexism and inequality seems to be so depressingly pervasive. We all need to see, cheer for, and encourage moments of positivity, resistance, and humor wherever we might find them.

So check out this video (after the jump), which presents a more honest version of those crazy love/romance songs, but is also a commentary on the difference between how our culture represents ideal sex and romance and how it more usually happens.

(One song/video disclaimer: not that its “realism” is an acceptable excuse for men not investing the time to be lovers who aim to please and not just be pleased, but take it for the humorous commentary that it is).

via Kinsey Confidential

March 15, 2008

I kinda like this "peep" show :-P

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Saw this image on the Good Vibrations blog, labeled as “The ULTIMATE peep show”. Now strip club politics aside, I’m liking this image.

Reason: pomosexuality.

With the exception of the rabbit with pasties alluding to breasts, the characters aren’t clearly sex specific, so you can imagine the roles being played by either (or neither!) sex. ambiguity-check.

While a certain mag has made it such that bunnies are equivalent to women (or “girls”), not necessarily so. after all, the observers are chicks. female spectators-check.

If you want the bunnies and chicks to be female, then we have ourselves a cool, woman-only sexual space. check.

Perhaps the chicks just got finished performing, after all, they’re already undressed. Plus, where’d they get all that cash? Sexual performance done by all genders in the same venue-check, check.

What would make this even better? Both chicks and bunnies performing sexuality, and on stage together, de-centering and confounding our assumptions about the process of consolidating sexuality by (women) performing it and (men) consuming it, and offering up sexual pleasure that refuses a heteronormative gaze.

Happy Easter, tweet tweet.