September 4, 2008

Because sometimes “fake news” coverage is better than the actual news

Posted in double standards, gender, humor, mass media, news, politics, U.S. politics at 6:49 pm by LB

Everything I want to say about the hypocrisy around the rhetoric about Palin, and especially the Republicans’ vomit-inducing use of gender rhetoric can be summed up by this brilliant analysis by the “fake news” reporter, Jon Stewart, on the September 3, 2008 The Daily Show:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Sarah Palin Gender Card | The Daily S…“, posted with vodpod

In Canada, watch it on clip 2 here.

And in more The Daily Show-induced commentary….typically, I take the position that families and spouses/ partners are “off-limits” with regards to politics. But Stewart, in his interview with Newt Gingrich, makes an excellent point, which I think can help us forge a distinction between personal attacks on Palin’s daughter (i.e. “what an irresponsible slut!”) and dissonances between individual actions and beliefs and political positions. “The personal is political.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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(Here in Canada)

Isn’t it sad when politicians and pundits seem to get called on their bullshit more often by “fake news” shows than the “real” ones?



  1. Rose said,

    Yes I agree with it sometimes a fake news is more interesting than the original news. Media focuses on how they could attract people for publicity of their news channels.



  2. ballgame said,

    That Stewart clip is a classic, right up there with Stephen Colbert’s press club appearance.

  3. Kat said,

    Double standards indeed.

  4. hmpph said,

    I hate to think about a world that Jon Stewart isn’t in.

  5. lindabeth said,

    I agree ballgame–I love Stewart’s show (and Colbert too), but this clip was especially brilliant, IMO.

  6. Sungold said,

    Yeah, Palin’s daughter is off limits. And I agree that different standards apply to Palin herself.

    She and her handlers have aggressively marketed her as a model mother. Compare the amount of airtime she spent on her family Wed. night to the speeches given by other candidates. She’s being sold as a career woman (quaint term!) who still manages to be a perfect hockey mom (whatever the hell that is).

    And so her mothering decisions are fair game. Whether it’s politically expedient for us to attack her on that level is another question. But ethically, I see no problem question her use of “choice” language or her outright reckless decision to board a long-haul flight after her water broke and she was about to deliver a preemie with serious health issues.

    The Daily Show is a little flash of sanity in this madhouse.

  7. theladyisequal said,

    Jon Stewart is one of my idols. From telling McCain (a while back) that we didn’t have to support the war to support the soldiers, and now, just the other night his assertions to Gingrich, well, that cemented it.

    I think he’s one of the best interviewers around.

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