August 15, 2008

Must-read posts about Olympic uniforms and photography

Posted in double standards, sexual politics, sports, television at 12:00 pm by LB

Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town has a superb post about Olympic uniforms, with side by side comparisons of male and female uniforms, showing the stark differences for which there is no rational justification except that more and more women are only worthy of attention when they’re sexualized too. Now I feel like I don’t need to write one myself!

Tigtog said it before, but I’ll say it again: minute increases in performance cannot account for this difference, otherwise the men would be in skintight clothing also.

No. It’s not about faster, higher, stronger. Women in sports are promoted as sexualised bodies for ogling; men are promoted as performers.

And don’t miss this post from AfterEllen about gratuitous women’s butt shots. Another excellent side-by-side photo comparison.

Women were overwhelmingly more likely to be cropped so they were rendered faceless and in many cases totally headless. I’ve posted all these photos, un-manipulated (other than sizing) and framed as the photographer submitted them, to show how aesthetic dismemberment is commonplace when it comes to women […]

But when looking for comparable headless shots of male players I came up with only three, yes, three: two of hands and one of feet.


  1. Renee said,

    What has been reinforced by this Olympics is that womens sports don’t count. Women are not deemed athletes worthy or respecting after all they have breasts, asses, and vaginas. That is more important than honoring the years of struggle and denial that they went through to have the ability to represent their country.

  2. Rachel said,

    Is seems as though no matter how many gender barriers a woman breaks down, she cannot escape all of them.

  3. Noticed said,

    It’s SO frustrating that even in the Olympics, when these women are the best in the world at their sports, the focus is still on their bodies. After a lifetime of training and sacrifice, they are viewed as less than the sum of their parts. They are just parts.

    Thanks for this post.

  4. […] Or even if she wears little clothing for practical purposes, she is open for sexualizing. Beach Volleyball, anyone? You know, the old “she’s asking for it.” Of that if she is a sex worker, she is […]

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