August 14, 2008

Commerical critique: hawking 400-calorie sandwiches at the Olympics

Posted in Commercial Critique at 2:00 pm by LB

I am so disgusted at the McDonald’s commercials that use pseudo-Olympic athletes (athletes dressed up to look like Olympic athletes, complete with a Shawn Johnson-ish gymnast and several “non-American” appearing people for authenticity) to sell their Southern Chicken Sandwich. It’s not up on YouTube yet, but these uber-buff actors ooh and ahh over the sandwich, at the end calling it “gold.”

Guess what? That little sandwich has 400 calories, 150 of which are from fat, and 17g of fat, which is 26% of your daily allowance of a 2,000 calorie diet (which is higher than many adults’ recommended caloric intake). The sodium content is 1030g, 43% of your 2,000-cal daily allowance.

At first I was so disappointed because I thought Olympic athletes were advertising this unhealthy sandwich for McDonalds, but I guess they’re not Olympians–they just look like them (although from what I understand, Olympic athletes are in other McDonalds commercials). Which just makes McDonalds’ advertising completely misleading and irresponsible.

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