August 3, 2008

Got some catching up to do

Posted in misc, recommended reading at 6:25 pm by LB

I went away for a few days (some excellent weather, great wine-tasting, and refreshing swimming and hiking near Cayuga Lake!), and as a result, I am really behind on my RSS reader. I’m going to take the next few days to catch up, and I want to be able to respond to comments, so I won’t be able to writing any of the 20+ new posts I have in mind (!) for the next few days.

Since my readership has grown a bit in then last 2 months, I thought I’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to some older posts that you likely will not have read. Also, you can check out my “Smart Past Posts” on the sidebar. (I won’t duplicate here any posts I have listed there).

How Sexism Works

A comment on “the best sex ever

Mother-daughter bonding over waxing? At age 8 ?!?! Says ‘Female’ is Equivalent to ‘Weaker’

Thoughts on the Tyranny of Marriage at Tax Time

What’s wrong with this article? Marriage and Taxes, part 2

Some comment-worthy articles about sexuality and body image

Recent sports articles remind us that female athletes are (sexual and maternal) women first

Where are all the sexy men?

Tom Ford comments on the lack of male nudity

Iron Man review


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