August 1, 2008

Violation of bodily privacy by a physician

Posted in privacy at 12:00 pm by LB

Via The Angry Black Woman:

Surgeon sued for giving anesthetized patient temporary tattoo. The tattoo was not at all medical in nature. She had surgery for a herniated disc and the next morning discovered a rose tattoo had been placed on her abdomen below her panty line […]Many people seem to be outraged by this woman being willing to sue this doctor for marking her (however temporarily) in her pelvic area without her permission.

I guess she doesn’t have an “expectation of privacy” either, huh?

Also semi-related: this older post from Feministe.


  1. MC Kean said,

    This was his way of marking her; of letting her know he did more than just place a tattoo. No one saw him do it? Where was the circulating nurse? Why was he alone with her? Fact, docs and nurses practice rape on women under anesthesia, rape in the name of teaching pelvic exams, rape in the name of teaching other medical procedures, rape b/c all this medical rape encourages and provides opportunities for sexual assault. Women are being raped in large numbers for the sake of profit and perversion of medical staff and never know. Medical and nursing boards allow folks who have been convicted of sex crimes practice unrestricted. Sick Sick Sick. They are even passing on STDs in the process.

  2. Fred Mercury said,

    I agree with MC. You should seek medical checkup first with other trusted doctors to have a good evidence then sue the doctor for a rape. It seems that he is giving his victims a tattoo to determine that you are one of his victims.

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