July 6, 2008

Fun Fact

Posted in body politics, gender, humor, mass media, photoshop at 12:00 pm by LB

While on the can, my partner read in a housemate’s men’s magazine the following: Only 8% of American women have an “hourglass shape,” defined by having a waist 9 inches smaller than the bust (which, indeed is a wrong definition, as it-at least-neglects that the hips and bust must have the same measurement too, and also I thought it was about ratio, not exact measure, but whatev), but most women’s clothing is designed for an hourglass body.

I snarkily replied: That doesn’t surprise me at all.  They should have added the following: “And in this magazine, 98% of the women either have, or are Photoshopped to have, an hourglass figure, even though only 8% of American women have one.”

I mean, it’s great that they shared this info with their readers in a small box of text, but seriously, they’re just as guilty.  Or even more so: if they can’t find models to “fit’ the ideal, they fit them to it digitally and photographically (oh yes, there’s lots of tricks to alter your appearance that don’t require Photoshop.  Ask any photographer-and btw, I do have a photo degree.)

Maybe my comment would make a good “letter to the editor”?


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