April 10, 2008

To Check Out: Shapely Prose

Posted in body politics, cool feminist stuff, Fat Acceptance, social justice at 10:34 pm by LB

Just wanted to encourage you to check out Kate Harding’s blog Shapely Prose that I just recently added to my blogroll. It’s a very smart blog about “Fat Acceptance” and our general unhealthy relationship with our body, including the cultural disconnect between body size and health.

Of particular interest are these two features:

  1. “Don’t you realize fat is unhealthy?” tab at the top, where Kate smartly and wittingly lays “out ten principles that underlie pretty much everything I write about fat and health.”
  2. Illustrated “BMI Project”–also on a top tab– is a must see. It is a slideshow with images of women labeled with their BMI category (i.e. ‘obese,’ ‘underweight’). It is proof of the absurdity of the BMI standard and how its application has pathologized bodies through the medicalization of ‘fat’.

If nothing else, at least check out those two features.
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