April 2, 2008

Another "music video" worth watching

Posted in humor, music, Sexuality Blogs and Resources at 11:11 am by LB

I feel like I’m on a roll with more positive stuff, and I want to take a minute to say how important it is that we acknowledge media, representation, cultural production that “does good.” For one thing, it’s important for being balanced, and another thing, I tend to get down in the dumps when sexism and inequality seems to be so depressingly pervasive. We all need to see, cheer for, and encourage moments of positivity, resistance, and humor wherever we might find them.

So check out this video (after the jump), which presents a more honest version of those crazy love/romance songs, but is also a commentary on the difference between how our culture represents ideal sex and romance and how it more usually happens.

(One song/video disclaimer: not that its “realism” is an acceptable excuse for men not investing the time to be lovers who aim to please and not just be pleased, but take it for the humorous commentary that it is).

via Kinsey Confidential


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