March 24, 2008

Recommended Reading

Posted in recommended reading at 12:26 pm by LB

Some interesting articles from the past week…

First, an assortment of thoughts and discussions about prostitution. I deplore the way the media has invaded the privacy of Spitzer’s prostitute, but it has been really great that the whole situation has resulted in lots of internet chatter about prostitution: why it’s illegal, whether it should be, and about the difference between criticizing the patriarchal culture that makes prostitution possible and (sometimes) lucrative, about what consent and “free choice” really mean, about the working conditions that prostitutes work through, the differences between decriminalization and legalization, and about the cultural representations of prostitution.

Here’s a sample:

Legalize Prostitution
Decriminalization, ending demand, and choice: Feministe interviews the Sex Workers ProjectFeministing provides a great recap of several articles and opinions on the topic.

A few other topics of interest…

Michael Stickings of The Reaction wrote an excellent analysis of Obama’s Tuesday speech on race, politics, and the election.

Hugo Schwytzer wrote a provocative posting about how ED functioned as new connection to some of the damaging ways masculinity is produced through patriarchal notions of sexuality.

This is creepy: Maxim‘s guide to stalking. Misogyny provides the tools…for more misogyny. via feministing

The too-familiar collision of sports and misogyny, from Alas, a Blog: Anti-Feminist Attacks Favre For Crying “Like A Girl”

One stripper tells The Guardian about her experience being a sex worker…some interesting comments about how objectifying giving lap dances is and her thoughts on the politics involved (link is to f-word because they have some other related links)

Have a look at a 1954 quiz on How Masculine Are You?

Check out Jezebel’s take on Vogue’s World’s Best Bodies (hint: the “Best Body” for women is the small-bodied fashion model who act as accessories for the male bodies; for men it is the strength and flexibility of an athlete. hmm….)

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