March 14, 2008

Some recommended web reading

Posted in recommended reading at 8:37 pm by LB

A selection of interesting articles from the past week or so, some of which may not directly apply to the theme of my blog and others simply require no further comment.


New book Women as Weapons of War: Iraq, Sex, and the Media, by Kelly Oliver. The Alternet review is interesting but has some very poor article editing (which this, rather than the actual content, unfortunately is what the comments revolve around and is used to discredit the author). Also see review on Media Mouse.

“Ferraro’s comments about Obama were racist. Why can’t we just say that?”
by Ta-Nehisi coates via Slate.

“Let Me Clarify Something…” by Essin’ Em. An insightful and articulate post by a sex blogger (!) about why abstinence and abstinence education are not evil.

Porn vs. Prostitution: Why is it legal to pay someone for sex on camera?

Slut-shaming “Kristen” in the media” via Feministing. The media is relentless at publicly shaming women who use their sexuality for anything other than making babies.

This horrifying story amounts to rape in my book. “Police: ‘You fit the profile'” by Brendan J. Lyons. via Albany Times-Union.


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